How do you stand the cold?

Dressing properly is the key to a long and comfortable day on the ice. Here are some important tips:

  • Start with thin layers, then layer-on the heavier cloths on top. Good thermal underwear the first layer. The longer you can keep your core warm the longer your extremities will stay warm.
  • Make sure you can move around freely. If you’re feeling restrained, lighten up on the layers.
  • Layer the short socks, but you shouldn’t need to layer up from your foot much, unless you wear short boots.
  • Wear warm high boots that will keep cold and wetness out.
  • A good ice fishing suit is the best, but deer hunting gear or good ski/snowboard wear will suffice. Often just a good pair of winter bibs is all you need besides a regular jacket or sweatshirt on top of you layers.
  • Make sure you have a hooded jacket and a good hat that covers your ears.
  • If you plan on fishing outside, wear thin waterproof gloves if you can’t fish glove-free. Keep them on unless you need to change bait or re-tie.
  • If you gotta pee, go pee. You get cold when you’re holding it in.