What do I need to get started in the sport of ice fishing?

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Ice Fishing EquipmentGood question. In short, you will need…

Ice Auger: You can’t fish unless you have a hole in the ice. There are hand, electric and gas models abounding. Prices range between $75 and $600.

Fishing Pole: Whether it’s a stick-and-a-string or a hundred dollar Thorne Brothers custom setup (want), you need a line management system of some kind.

Five Gallon Bucket: The actual volume of the bucket doesn’t matter, it’s just that the 5-Gallon bucket has become a fixture in ice fishing. Oh yeah, you put the fish you catch in there too.

Bait: This is an easy one. Go to the bait store closest to where you want to fish , act ignorant and ask them what’s biting, and what working for bait. Hopefully they don’t give you a container of black waxie worms 😉 More likely they will give you some fresh bait and great advice that will help your success. Listen to any and all info on your target lake!

Fishing License: Pretty sure you need that everywhere this blog can be read.

Okay NOW, do you want to catch fish or do you just want to sit there on your 5-gallon bucket, bored and freezing your tail off? No, you don’t.

Sonar Flasher: This is the tool that has transformed ice fishing from the sit-on-a-bucket, grumpy old men day into what we enjoy today. Simply, it’s your eyes beneath the ice. You see the fish, you see your bait. Line the two up, catch the fish. It is (almost) that simple!

Portable Fish House: Most people aren’t studs like me, fishing outside, freezing holes as fast as you can keep them clear, hopping from hole-to-hole across the lake in search of the monster catch. A good fast-setup fish shack will make the day tolerable for even the most wimpy ice angler. You can sit in your underwear and catch fish all day. And then you have wheel-houses, when you pretty much have an RV on the ice.

Propane Heater: The above comfort would not be possible without a good heater. They range from small 1 LB bottle models to the same thing you would use to heat a garage or small house.

That’s pretty much it. Ice fishing is much less expensive than summer fishing with a boat. And to be honest, you can catch more fish through the ice.

Got questions? Comment below and I will answer ASAP!

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