I Love Ice Fishing Rods

So I have this thing with ice fishing rod and reels, I like to put together different rods, reels, line, spring bobbers and jigs types, then play with them on the ice. I usually keep a half dozen with me.

Different setups work better or not depending on the weather. See, I’m an outside kinda fisherman. I dislike fishing inside a warm and toasty ice shanty.  In there, you can use whatever you want, as long as it matches the fish you want to catch. Outside it’s a bit different.

When it’s cold, small fishing rod eyes and narrow spring bobbers freeze up very quickly. Spinning reels also can have more issues with quickly freezing water. The newer style ice fishing fly reels, along with a rod with larger eyes works much better when you’re enduring the freezing cold temps outside.

Wind is another concern. Here I’ve found that a good stiff sensitive rod does better than a wimpy, noodle rod. Even the spring bobber can easily be influenced by the wind, making for a frustrating experience if the bite is light.

I am still in search of the best rod that works both well in the cold and the wind.

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